The Wider Earth

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The award-winning drama The Wider Earth is now playing in a new theatre at the Natural History Museum. "Before Darwin changed the world, one voyage changed his life. Charles Darwin, aged 22, embarks on an adventure of a lifetime on HMS Beagle, setting sail on a voyage to the far side of the world. On his journey he begins to develop ideas about the world around him that will challenge everything he thought he knew. Brought to life by a cast of seven, remarkable puppetry, an original cinematic score, and dazzling animations, The Wider Earth is an extraordinary drama about the theory that changed everything." Richard and Dawn saw the show last week and highly recommend it. Tickets are priced from £19.50 and there are some limited availability offers including free places for children. The theatre features front flat stalls plus a tiered section. We'd recommend the tiered seating, and the theatre isn't vast so you can see and hear from any seat, even the back row. In our opinion, don't choose the front rows closest to the stage. If you're in London and have an interest in Charles Darwin and all things Galapagos, do go! The show is playing at the Natural History Museum until late December 2018.

More details and a link to tickets here.