Homeward bound

Added 09 May 2013

We enjoy a final brunch before departing from Okonjima Main Camp to make our way south to Windhoek. The camp staff wave us off. As you may recall from previous blogs, we are on our second coach transport, the first vehicle not coming up to our normal high standards. Our second bus also recently incurred a problem resulting in a lack of air con at times. We had this repaired while at Okonjima and set off with all blowers going full speed. However, within half a mile the blowers packed up again. Richard begins to pull his hair out. Fortunately the weather is not too warm and we can run with windows open so it is not a major problem. Sweets and biscuits act as compensation! Once on route again, Richard discusses with Uanee about buying a brand new bus for next year's Namibia tours. "Furlongs Bus Company Namibia" perhaps?

We make our "usual" coffee/comfort stop at Okahandja. There is a nice cafe here. We try to keep the souvenir shop next door a secret, but everyone discovers it of course. Once we eventually continue our journey, we have a picnic stop in a community park near Windhoek, and then proceed directly to the airport. We are flying with South African Airways and have sent our seating requests in advance. Everything has been acknowledged and we're expecting a smooth check-in. However on arrival it becomes apparent that the airline staff have a problem checking us in. A system error?! Our booking is fine but the staff can't seem to issue boarding cards. More travellers turn up and time moves on. Richard and Dawn keep cool but continue to chat with the airline manager to ensure our guests all get on board just in time. Some other travellers were not so fortunate. Our first flight is from Windhoek to Johannesburg. Here we connect to our London flight. South African Airways have cancelled one of their two daily flights to London for some reason, so there is a bigger aircraft and seats have been assigned randomly. We sort it out and ensure couples and friends sit together. One of the reasons why you choose to travel with Furlongs .... an ability to sort out utter chaos!

Welcome home everyone. Hope you enjoyed Namibia - we are certain you will agree it is a great country.