To Galápagos

Everyone is very excited this morning because we’re heading to the Galápagos Islands! Richard goes to the airport with luggage and passports, and manages to persuade Avianca to check everyone in without them being at the airport. This means Dawn and guests turn up later, simply grab their passport and boarding card and head through to the departure lounge. All very efficient, and Richard has vouched for everyone personally! On board the flight, the crew supply snacks, drinks and earphones for the entertainment system – all within less than two hours.

On arrival at Baltra Airport we are met by the four guides who will be with us on aboard our privately chartered ship .... Daniel, Gilda, Diego and Williams. We head to a new VIP arrival lounge for a quick coffee or juice, and then it’s time to go. We board a big bus with excellent air conditioning – no windows! At the quayside we don life jackets and join private zodiac boats (called “pangas” in Galapagos). Our main luggage will follow and is delivered direct to our cabins. On board our privately chartered Celebrity Xperience, we soon settle in and meet the crew.

photo © mhgstan