To Galápagos!

Richard goes out to the airport early with all our main luggage to allow us to enjoy the last few hours and a longer breakfast before we leave for the airport. Unfortunately, there was not enough room in luggage for the Incredible Hulk (please see previous blog!) so Dawn stored him in the rear window of the coach on the way to the airport!

Everyone was very excited to be leaving Guayaquil as this meant the next part of the trip was Galápagos! A smooth operation as we had pre-printed all the boarding cards and checked in the luggage, so we just collected our documentation and went straight through to the departure lounge to board the aircraft. Amazingly, the crew came around with snacks, drinks and earphones for the private entertainment system and all for a flight that is under 2 hours. The sad thing is that we have to wait for the flight back to Guayaquil to see the end of the film we started!

On arrival in Baltra airport we are met by the four guides who will be with us on aboard our privately chartered ship, M/V Eclipse .... Daniel, Sofia, Gilda and Paulina. We retrieve our luggage and head to the local buses that take us to the docking area where we board our zodiacs (locally known as pangas) to transfer us aboard.

A swift check-in on the ship and we are shown to our cabins to settle in. First up is a lovely buffet lunch prior to heading out for a panga ride amongst the mangroves of Black Turtle Cove. We are rewarded with many blue footed boobies, spotted eagle rays, turtles, sharks, leaping fish and lots of other sea birds. We head back to the Eclipse just as the sun is setting so we have some beautiful sunset views for our cameras.

A quick change, briefing for tomorrow activities, and dinner, all before an early bedtime! 

Not a bad start to our Galápagos adventure!