To the coast!

Added 15 Jun 2014

Some guests enjoy a leisurely breakfast while others are up at the crack of dawn to enjoy sightseeing flights over the Namib Desert. All three flights are fully booked with Furlongs Travel guests. The flight goes over the sand dunes and this morning there is mist hanging in the valleys between the dunes, an unusual and wonderful sight. Even the pilots comment it is one of the best flights they have done. The other amazing thing about these flights are the pilots themselves. They look about 15 years old! However we are assured they are old enough and have the appropriate licences and they certainly seem to know what they are doing!

Leaving Sossusvlei Lodge we drive north. First stop is Solitaire for a quick comfort break and some lunch provisioning. Next we become typical tourists by stopping at the Tropic of Capricorn road sign, standing in front of it and having our photos taken. Dawn acts as photographer for anyone who needs help and today this includes two other tourists who have stopped to see what we are up to. They missed our previous stop to view zebra so decide they will follow our coach and stop when we do. Dawn recommends they book with Furlongs in future.

Our journey continues via the impressive Gaub and Kuiseb Canyons and along the edge of the Namib Naukuft Park. We stop for lunch at the bridge across the Kuiseb River which is currently dry. We spot Rock Hyrax (or Rock Badger) which approximately resemble a large guinea pig with ears and a tail.

This afternoon most guests snooze on route across the desert while our driver August maintains non-stop concentration all the way to Walvis Bay and on to Swakopmund. The Hansa Hotel staff greet us with bubbly and room keys, a great combination. This evening a well-earned drinks reception before dinner.