Via Halali

Today we travelled from Okuakuejo Camp to Namutoni Camp. We should really call today a “lion tour”. We’ve never seen so many lions on one day. Firstly, two big males with three females, laying down by the roadside – within a few feet of us! It is a warm morning and they are just having a rest. One of the males stands up and moves to a shaded area under a bush by the roadside. One female follows, then another.

After this excitement, we make a brief lunch break at Halali Camp but are soon back on the road, making our way to the Lookout on the Etosha Pan. This dry, flat pan is over 4,000 square kms in size. Once water fed, the rivers changed their course many years ago, and nothing much remains. It looks bleak. As we approach the lookout point we see another coach vehicle at the far end. On arrival we discover a “G Adventures” overland bus …. with a flat battery! Actually our driver, August, can’t make it out because the bus has five batteries and yet it won’t go. Experience counts of course, and August helps them start with the help of some jump leads. Richard is tempted to hand out some business cards and mention it pays to travel with Furlongs but resists the temptation!

After our good deed, we continue east, and the afternoon just gets better and better. The count includes a single bull elephant, blue cranes, rhino, giraffe (close up), a secretary bird, korhaans, white-backed vultures, jackals, and ….. yet more lions. This time the lions are on a recent kill. Uanee thinks the poor zebra was killed this morning, and 4 lions have obviously had a good feed. Nearby jackals chance their luck, running in for a quick bite, but the lions are still happy to snack some more, so chase the jackals away.

Arriving at Namutoni Camp, we are greeted by staff singing a welcome song! A cold juice too, and then we’re off to our nearby accommodations. Richard has warned that the rooms look wonderful. The bathrooms are rather swish but they are clearly designed by someone who has never used a bathroom! Showers that spray water in all directions, and steps in awkward places. However, we’ll survive, and the location inside the park, coupled with such friendly staff, make it all worthwhile.

After dinner, quite a few folk head out on the local game drives in small game viewing vehicles. All wrapped up in warm layers with extra ponchos, the drive proves very successful. Yet more lions (close up again), plus hyaenas, rhino, and more!