Otjiwarongo and Warthogs

Leaving Etosha National Park we try to spot the Damara Dik Dik, the smallest antelope in Namibia. The exit road is known as Dikdik Drive as they are often seen in the area and we are lucky to catch a quick glimpse.

We leave the park via the Von Lindquist Gate and take the B1 road south to the mining town of Tsumeb. Next stop is the town of Otavi and then we’re onto Otjiwarongo for lunch time. We always stop at the Spar Supermarket here and since last year it has been enlarged and has every imaginable item for sale plus a nice café and a wine shop.

We continue along the B1 road towards the Omatako Mountains and we begin to see lots of warthogs along the side of the road. For some reason our guests are so excited about warthogs! From the B1 we turn off towards our final port of call, Okonjima. Home of the AfriCat Foundation and renowned for its work with cheetahs and leopards, Okonjima is a perfect place to spend our last three days. Okonjima staff offer their normal warm welcome and we’re checked-in and soon enjoying afternoon tea and cake. It looks likely we’ll have a great time!