Via Outjo

Added 17 Apr 2015

A leisurely departure from Mopane Lodge. After breakfast and some unscheduled bird-watching, we join August and Uanee and set off towards the town of Outjo. We have a well tried and tested lunch snack stop in Outjo at the local bakery and café, with an excellent souvenir shop next door. While we shop and snack, August refuels the bus and we buy yet more water from the local supermarket. It is hotter than usual at this time of year and we are drinking water well. The overall consumuption will create a record for Furlongs tours in Namibia!

From Outjo we drive north to Etosha National Park. We enter via the Andersson Gate. Once again we have organised our entry permits and paperwork in advance so we’re straight in without delay. We start our first game drive immediately. Black Faced Impala is the first animal we see, but it doesn’t stop there. Giraffe, Zebra and Springbok to follow. Then we spot our first elephant. We approach slowly and carefully. And we follow for a while. Wonderful. Finally we decide to head for our accommodations at Okaukuejo Camp but the excitement is not over yet. A Black Rhino! Uanee is not at all sure how we will match the success of this afternoon's game drive in the days to come!

On arrival at Okaukuejo Camp, we are greeted by the staff with hand towels and refreshing drinks. Richard and Dawn sort out room keys and we head off in all directions with instructions to settle in and head down the waterhole. The Okaukuejo waterhole is the best in the park so it is a must do. We are not disappointed.