Vingerklip and Bushmen Rock Art

Added 02 May 2012

Waking up at Vingerklip Lodge is quite magical. The sun rises over the "Eagle's Nest" rock formation and throws amazing light on the bush and on the lodge bungalows and terraces. To be honest you have to be here to really experience it as words just don't do it justice. After breakfast we take a walk to the "Finger of Rock" or "Vingerklip". This is a 35 metre high pillar of rock located in a valley below the impressive Ugab Terraces. Many guests make it up the steps to the base of Vingerklip and we can see for miles. We try our best to spot wildlife and spend at least 15 minutes focussing on an amazing giraffe that turns out to be a tree. Anyway we tried. This afternoon many of us enjoyed an optional excursion to the Omburo-East Guest Farm. Hosts Hendrik and Stephanie extended a very warm welcome and took us on a drive across their 5,000 hectare farm including visits to well-preserved rock paintings and engravings. For additional transport we'd borrowed a game viewing vehicle from Vingerklip Lodge and this appeared to break down towards the end of our farm visit. On inspection the engine bay seemed to be held together with string and the battery seemed very loose. Dawn decided a large rock on top of the battery would do the trick and sadly for Richard this did seem to do the trick. Dawn the Mechanic.