Vingerklip Termites

A leisurely start today. Surely not? Yes, our optional excursion this morning does not set off until 10am! Our guide Uanee takes us to see the Ugab Terraces this morning, just a short drive from Mopane Lodge. One of the popular sights in the valley is Vingerklip or “finger of rock”. Weather erosion has left a 30 metre high tower of stone standing alone. You are permitted to walk to the base of the rock but in recent years we’ve noticed chunks of rock falling off so we decided it is safer to view it from a distance. Besides, with the valley in the foreground and the blue skies and clouds behind, it makes a better photo standing some distance away.

On the drive back Richard asks Uanee to give an on-the-spot presentation about the life and times of a termite mound! Everyone is dubious but once delivered, agree there is a lot more to termites than they ever imagined!

A free afternoon is now in store. Swimming, sun-lounging, bird watching, reading? Some guests walk up to the viewpoint again and are rewarded with a beautiful sunset plus Kudu and Jackal at the waterhole. We wonder what’s in store for tomorrow when we enter Etosha National Park for the first of four days. Can’t wait!