Visiting Alesund

Added 12 Feb 2012
Sunday today. Most of us enjoyed a good sleep last night and we wake up for a late breakfast! The ship restaurant serves up a good buffet so no one goes hungry. We dock at Torvik just for half an hour but quite a few guests disembark and take a short walk up to the crossroads and back again. From the ship you can see about 10 houses, and that's it!  At 12 noon we arrive in Alesund. Richard and Dawn gather everyone on the quayside and we split into three small groups for a 'Furlongs' city walk complete with our hand-picked local guides! Aydin, Harald and Ranveig take us around and we hear about the history and present times of this pretty town famous for it's Art Nouveau architecture.  After some siesta time we dock at Molde for just 45 minutes. Almost spontaneously, Richard and Dawn decide to escort a short walk to the town centre. All togged up we head along a shopping street (thankfully, thinks Richard, the shops are closed!). We stop at the Town Hall to see the statue of The Rose Maiden and a little further on there's another statue, this one called The Jazz Boy. The young girl celebrates the town's connection with rose gardens, and the young man playing a saxophone celebrates the annual jazz festival that takes place in the town. The town is today well known for the manufacture of furniture and light fittings. Someone asks if the light fittings are for the Northern Lights!