Visiting Alesund

Added 06 Feb 2013

We're not 100% certain, but Richard and Dawn don't believe any guests got off the ship at Floro - the stop was round 4.45am we understand! However everyone was up for breakfast, and shortly after our stop at Torvik, we all got together in the ship's conference room to meet felllow "Furlongs" passengers and chat about the next couple of days. Our next stop was the colourful town of Alesund - which is famous for it's Art Noveau architecture. Most of the town was rebuilt in Art Noveau style after a devasting fire. Richard and Dawn have arrranged 4 local guides here and we split up into small groups to stroll around the inner harbour and the centre of town. We hear about the history of Alesund and the local guides tell some great stories. Back on board we enjoy a late lunch as we set sail north. Around 6.30pm we arrive at Molde which is known as the City of Roses due partly to the resident's love of gardening! We're only visiting for 45 minutes but Richard and Dawn encourage everyone to disembark and we take a walk through the shops (luckily closed!) and up to the Town Hall where there is a sculpture of a young lady with a basket or rose petals. A few yards further on we visit a square to see a statue of a sax player - Molde is home to a well known jazz music festival in the summer. From here we turn back along the quayside to rejoin our ship. The little shop on the quayside does a roaring trade, selling guests various provisions. It is in this shop that Richard finds his favourite throat sweets! He hasn't got a sore throat but he always buys these throat sweets at this particular shop. At least 4 large packets - and the shop keeper recognises him - once a year!