Visiting Lyon, France

Added 03 Apr 2014

It is early morning on the Bath Road in Hounslow. The sun is coming up albeit rather slowly. Richard checks the flight status and all is well. All Dawn and Richard now have to do is wake up 55 guests and head for Terminal One. Remarkably everyone reports on time and our two luxury coaches transfer us comfortably to our flight check-in. The British Airways desk staff do a great job and we are checked in efficiently. Now for security. Guests have no problems but Richard is carrying 85 personal radios for use on our walking tours and that means a lot of wires and batteries for the security scanners to detect. Naturally we announce the contents before scanning. The staff take great interest and test everything. A supervisor arrives. Shortly afterwards we are cleared to proceed.

Breakfast or a coffee is next and then a short wait for our flight gate to be confirmed. All of a sudden a rather intoxicated young man staggers up to Richard to ask when his flight leaves. His is harmless but rather unsteady on his feet (the stranger, not Richard). Out of his backpack comes a passport, a shopping list and finally a boarding card. He is heading for Chicago and his flight is leaving in 10 minutes. The gate is closing so Richard takes him off in the right direction and suggests he runs to Gate 49. We hope he made it. By comparison Furlongs Travel guests are well behaved and not at all inebriated (to our knowledge). We all make it to gate 2.

On landing at Lyon Airport we join our privately chartered coaches and transfer to the city centre. Docked on the Rhone River is our lovely ship, the AMADAGIO. We are arriving early but the team have kindly arranged some light lunch refreshments and we enjoy a great welcome on board.

This afternoon we visit Les Halles, a famous indoor food market in the city centre. There are over 60 stall holders many of whom are Michelin Star accredited and they certainly know how to display their products well.

Back on board we settle in and meet in the lounge for a welcome reception followed by our first dinner on board. More about this in future blogs but suffice to say we enjoy wonderful food and wines and guests are very happy indeed!