Visiting the Etosha Pan

Today we travel across Etosha from Okuakuejo Camp to the far east. This year, we’re staying at Mokuti Etosha Lodge, which is just beyond the Von Lindquist Gate. On the way through the park we see ostrich, red hartebeest, zebra, springbok, blue wildebeest, Kori bustard, giraffe, lilac breasted rollers, secretary birds and more.

We see a lone male elephant quite far from the roadside, but coming closer. He stops to eat some vegetation and we watch in fascination as he curls up his trunk to pull up the bushes and then kicks the bottom of the plant to dislodge it. It’s like being in the middle of our very own David Attenborough documentary.  We’ve also made a stop at the Lookout on the Etosha Pan. This dry, flat pan is over 4,000 square kms in size. Once water fed, the rivers changed their course many years ago, and nothing much remains. Except, today, strong winds! We almost lose our plastic coach step as it blows away in the direction of Angola.

Our last stop inside the park today is the Chudob waterhole. A black rhino is just leaving, but we stay for a group of giraffes who come to drink. Just when we think about leaving, a large group of elephants arrive.

At Mokuti Lodge we are greeted with a nice cold drink and cold towels, and we are promptly settling into our spacious accommodations. The gardens at Mokuti Lodge are delightful, and there are plenty of banded mongoose, ground squirrels, and Blesbok to keep us company.