Windy at North Cape

Added 16 Feb 2012
For some of us, a strange day today. After an early visit to Hammerfest, we enjoy breakfast until 10am and then start lunch at 10.30am! The reason is we're reaching Honningsvag at 11.45am and here we're disembarking for an excursion to the North Cape. This is Mainland Europe's most northerly point. We board our coach and together with an excellent local guide called Ronald, we drive out of town and up onto the North Cape plateau. The road up to the North Cape is only open for Hurtigruten ship visitors in winter and it's pretty remote so we have to follow a big snow plough. It is an exciting drive! The wind is blowing the snow fiercely and at times we can only see where we are going due to the bright red poles placed at the edge of the road. However we have an experienced coach driver and we are in good hands. On arrival at the North Cape, we're advised to wrap up nice and warm. Most of us head straight for the visitor centre. This is a spacious building built partly into the rock and including a cinema, cafe, exhibitions and, as always, a large gift shop. We also venture outside to the edge of the North Cape plateau. Here it is definitely hold onto your hat territory! At one point you can pretty much lean into the wind at 45 degrees and still not fall over. Back in the warm we watch an interesting film about the North Cape through the seasons, and many of us also enjoy a hot drink and freshly made waffles. Returning to Honningsvag we embark MS Midnatsol and sail on, passing the illuminated rock at Finnkjerka before encountering Giant King Crabs on deck 9 (don't ask!). Tonight it's the North Cape buffet for dinner ... featuring guess what?!