Visiting Vingerklip

Added 07 May 2014

No early morning call today. Have we gone soft?! We are breakfasting at the Damara Mopane Lodge and only have an optional half day excursion which leaves at 10am. A truly leisurely day! Uanee and August have our coach ready and we set off towards the Ugab Terraces. Vingerklip is a 35m high finger of rock standing proudly above a vast valley. August negotiates a narrow and twisty track to get us close to the rock. We disembark and walk the pathway to the base of Vingerklip. Many guests then continue up some steps and a steep path to the lower rim. They are rewarded with wonderful views.

On the way home we stop at a huge termite mound and Uanee explains what is going on below ground! Here's just one snippet: the Termite Queen lays on average 30,000 eggs each day!

Back at our lodge a few folk head off on a mountain ridge walk while others enjoy a free afternoon. The sun is shining, the swimming pool is enticing. The gardens are pleasant, the bar is stocked. What more could you need?