Visiting Vingerklip

Added 18 Jun 2014

A late breakfast this morning. Surely not? Yes, we do not depart until 9.30am and the morning excursion today is optional in any case. Everyone comes along though! We are heading for Vingerklip, one of Namibia’s most dramatic rock formations, a 35 metre high pillar or “finger of rock”. It stands above the valley of an ancient landscape now known as the Ugab Terraces. Somehow our driver, August, manages to negotiate the rough track up to the base of Vingerklip. It is not a route designed for a big vehicle but August does well and saves us a long walk into the bargain. We walk up to the base of the rock and we can see for miles. Not too far away we spot some Mountain Zebra amongst the trees. Binoculars and camera lens zoom in!

On route home we stop to learn more about termite mounds. Uanee’s description is entertaining and informative and we all now know the Queen Termite lays up to 30,000 eggs a day. No wonder this termite mound is taller than Uanee!

Back at Mopane Lodge we enjoy a free afternoon. Swimming, sun bathing, reading, snoozing, afternoon tea, or if you are a Brian or a Mo you take a long hike up the mountain and back.