Waffles at Joburg Airport

Added 09 Apr 2015

Yesterday everyone arrived at Heathrow early and our check-in with British Airways at Terminal Five was uneventful. The BA staff were friendly and helpful as usual. Our aircraft on this occasion was an Airbus A380 - the new double decker. The BA team at the gate announced that we had to take care to choose the correct boarding door since they were using three and each accessed a different part of the aircraft. Happily no one ended up in the luggage hold. The A380 is certainly a smooth and relatively quiet aircraft and the cabin crew were good too.

French air traffic controllers are on strike so we take a slightly different route south to Africa. We decide not to drink French wine as a token protest, but our protest doesn't last long.

We've now landed at Johannesburg Airport and transferred between terminals in readiness for our flight to Windhoek, Namibia. Joburg Airport was redeveloped and modernised in preparation for the Football World Cup in South Africa, and there is plenty of space and plenty of shops to browse! Richard does his best to keep Dawn occupied. However, the cafe proves too tempting, and waffles and coffee are duly served.