The Vingerklip Walk

Added 01 May 2013

Early morning at Vingerklip Lodge is magical. The sun rises over the Eagle's Nest rock formation and the colours are incredible. Absolutely incredible. It is difficult to put into words - you really have to be here and experience it for yourself. After breakfast some guests join our guide Uanee for a walk to the "Finger of Rock". Vingerklip is a 35 metre high pillar of rock located in a valley below the impressive Ugab Terraces. Many guests make it up the steps to the base of Vingerklip and enjoy uninterrupted views. Today is designed for relaxation. Some guests used the swimming pools or jacuzzi. Some sat on their terrace (and went to sleep!). Some strolled the gardens to spot birds. Some watched the waterhole and were rewarded with sightings of Kudu, Impala, Warthog and more. A few joined a optional sundowner drive and a few walked up the stairs to the Eagle's Nest - to enjoy magnificent views as the sun set. Beautiful! Richard and Uanee spent their free afternoon visiting a couple of new lodge properties - because it is always important to keep up to date with what's on offer. They also took a mini detour into the town of Khorixas to visit the local supermarket. Here they purchased peaches, chocolate biscuits, custard, brandy and some Cadburys chocolate eclair lollypops. This evening at dinner Uanee cooked a special dessert of warm peaches poached in juice with a touch of brandy, and served with a biscuit and a dash of custard. They were well received, especially by the lodge staff! Richard (who cannot be described as a chef) handed out chocolate eclair lollypops at the end of dinner. Sadly the lollypops were so well wrapped, it turned into quite a challenge to get them open! In fact some of them are still not opened. We'll keep you posted in the coming days!