Walking with Cheetahs

Almost a lie-in this morning. We don’t start our morning activity until 7am! We’re off to join a guided bushmen trail. This is easy walking and highly informative. We learn about how the San people adapted and survived in an unforgiving wilderness, in balance with nature. We watch and we participate!

Our Okonjima brunch awaits us back at base and we’re very fortunate that one of Okonjima owners, Donna Hanssen, kindly agrees to come along and meet us. Donna speaks passionately about her family, the Okonjima/AfriCat story, and what the future may hold.

This afternoon we head out to track cheetahs on foot. (Yes, on foot!). We drive to start with, entering the Okonjima Nature Reserve and then using our radio tracking equipment to locate the whereabouts of Coco and Bones! Once nearby we set off on foot in single line with a guide in front and a guide behind us. We’re very lucky. Coco and Bones have recently made a kill. Of course we’re sorry for the zebra they’ve killed but this is nature in action right in front of our eyes. Due to these leopard’s acceptance of human presence of the years since they were originally rescued, we can get pretty close without upsetting them or changing their behaviour. 

A wonderful experience to end our time at Okonjima.