Walvis Bay Cruise

Breakfast at the Hansa was rather chaotic this morning. The hotel prides itself on providing a cooked-fresh-to-order service, but they are very busy in the restaurant today and the orders seem to go astray. Richard and Dawn chase up various dishes, including 5 poached eggs, eggs and bacon, bacon sausage and tomato, and fried eggs. Not all guests received the items they ordered, but apparently the food was good quality when it did arrive! There was plenty of readily available cold options of course.

This morning we travelled from the Hansa, south to Walvis Bay. We head for the Walvis Bay Yacht Club to embark our privately chartered catamaran, Silversand. No sooner are we all on board and casting off, a large seal joins us on deck. And some pelicans too. They know they’ll get a fish or two but they are not over-fed so they still go fishing themselves! Our host on board is Cornelius. He knows a thing or two about the area, the wildlife, and the country too. He keeps us entertained as we follow dolphins and visit the seal colony along the peninsula, which is a spit of sand growing by a few metres every year. The lighthouse that was at the end of the peninsula when it was built, is now well “inland”. We’re aboard for over 3 hours, and the Silversand team have some nice refreshments for us, including the freshest and most delightful oysters (unlike any you may eat elsewhere in the world). Other snacks and cream cakes too, and rather a lot of bubbly. 

After the harbour cruise we drive along the Walvis Bay promenade to see if we can find some of the Lesser and Greater Flamingos ... and we do!