Walvis Bay Harbour Cruise

Added 29 Apr 2013

After breakfast we journey 30 minutes south to Walvis Bay to enjoy a morning harbour wildlife cruise. We divide our group in two. Richard escorts his team aboard a catamaran called Silvermoon. Dawn escorts her group aboard a catamaran called Silverwind. Both vessels have been chartered privately for our voyage. Almost as soon as we set off, the excitement begins. Fur seals come to see us up close and personal. In fact they get onto our boats and sit next to us, awaiting some fish as a reward. Pelicans fly nearby. Cormorants visit. And we follow some common and benguela dolphins. The ship crew are friendly and entertaining and we're served excellent refreshments including fresh oysters and champagne.

Back at the quayside we take a quick detour to the esplanade at Walvis Bay to view the many thousands of flamingoes that have gathered there. It is unusual that the flamingoes are still in Walvis Bay at this time. They have usually flown to the vast pan in Etosha by now. But due to the lack of rains, there is little or no water in Etosha so the flamingoes haven't moved.

Back in Swakopmund we enjoy a free afternoon. Many guests head for the shops. Richard and Dawn head for the main supermarket to purchase more provisions. We need more water to refill guest water bottles in the coming days, so we buy 5-litre containers. 24 of them! Plus some sweets and biscuits to keep everyone happy. We had to borrow two supermarket trolleys to cart the goods back to our hotel.

This evening guests enjoy dinner a la carte and they don't go hungry. Before the starter, there's a chef's courtesy. The starters are as big as most restaurants main courses. The entrees are wonderful, and we can't begin to describe the magnificent desserts! A pretty fine ending to a great day.