Walvis Bay Harbour Cruise

Added 30 Apr 2012
First things first. After our previous story some blog followers made contact to ask whether any Furlongs guests had taken part in yesterday's naked cycling expedition? We can confirm (thankfully!) that they did not. Our guests were merely spectators if you see what we mean. Now, this morning our first breakfast at the Hansa Hotel, Swakopmund. The Hansa is a very comfortable and classic style hotel and the breakfast is sometimes classic too. The food is great and the service friendly, but on occasions it's slightly slow so we supervise a bit. We warned guests in advance so it's certainly not a problem but just for example, Dawn is still waiting for a cooked breakfast she ordered on last year's tour. Everything goes pretty well and after breakfast we drive to Walvis Bay to join our privately chartered deluxe catamaran for a Harbour cruise. We see plenty of sea lions, some pelicans and cormorants, and we also catch a quick glimpse of some dolphins. The crew are entertaining and some nice refreshments are included. This afternoon we're back in Swakopmund with free time to hit the shops. There are some nice shops here. Richard buys some Kudu leather shoes (and so do two other Furlongs guests!) and Dawn (plus many other ladies) return with numerous shopping bags but won't disclose the contents. Typical. Dinner tonight is a la carte in the Hansa restaurant and much enjoyed by everyone. Another successful day say one and all.