Waved Albatross

Added 11 Nov 2013

Early morning snacks and coffee are available on the Teak Deck this morning. Some mad folk have signed up for the early-riser kayaking trip.They set off at 6.15am! Our wellness specialist Maria takes a stretching session on the Sky deck from 7am. Dawn attends but Richard does not. The kayakers make it back and seem extremely happy (albeit slightly wet!). Buffet breakfast is served in the restaurant followed by an optional snorkeling briefing. Our local guides give excellent snorkeling instruction so even if you have never tried before it is easy to have a go by simply walking in from the sandy beach.

Our first landing is Gardner Beach. This has magnificent white sand and dozens of resting and cavorting sea lions. Some guests swim, some snorkel, some walk, some birdwatch. There is something for everyone!

During lunch we reposition to another part of Espanola Island and make a dry landing at Punta Suarez. This is one of the richest wildlife locations in Galapagos. Sea lions and marine iguanas greet us and further along the boulder trail we see Nazca boobies, lava lizards, Galapagos doves and some of Darwin's finches. Our favourite here is the endemic waved albatross. There are a good number to see including young chicks that are furry and already huge! Needless to say the cameras are in action non-stop.

Back on board we enjoy our first recap session in the lounge. Jonathan gives a presentation about the sea currents and their effect and importance for Galapagos, and Giancarlo talks about the various types of sand we have encountered. Lynn briefs us about tomorrow's programme and we head off to dinner. Antonio (our National Geographic Photo Instructor) completes the day with a talk about how to take the best photos.

A fantastic day!