Welcome to the Galapagos Islands

Added 30 Oct 2011

Welcome to the Galapagos Islands!

We land on the Island of San Cristobal and are soon aboard our privately chartered ship, the MS National Geographic Islander. We're greeted by Expedition Leader, Dr Lynn Fowler, and our ship hotel manager, Sebastian. After settling in we're invited to the ship's lounge for a refreshing welcome drink and an orientation briefing. The on board team share some insights into our voyage ahead, as well as practical information about life on board and the Galapagos National Park philosophies.

Following a sumptuous buffet lunch, we enjoy some free time to settle in, but we're soon out and about exploring. We join our fleet of Zodiac boats (called "pangas" here in Galapagos), and make a landing on a soft sandy beach at a site called Cerro Brujo, which translates into "Wizard Hill". We spot marine iguanas, sea lions and shore birds!

Back on board we enjoy a welcome party hosted by our captain and the ship's officers, and we meet our Natural History Staff.  Cocktails and canapes later, we're off to dinner!