Morning in Quito, Afternoon in Cuenca!

Added 24 Oct 2011

Our final morning in Quito and we're treated to quite a gathering in the main square. All morning the square is full of dignatories, bands, school children and locals, all celebrating Quito´s UNESCO heritage. There are lots of flags and banners, and the presidential guards and horses are on display too. The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, also appears! That's the second year running he has come along to welcome the Furlongs Travel group to town, so we think he is very nice.

Late morning we leave our hotel and head for the airport. We say goodbye to our Quito coach driver, Johnny, and check in for our flight to Cuenca. We're at the airport around lunchtime so some of us grab a snack at a small sandwich bar in the departure lounge. The sandwiches are prepared freshly and promptly, and taste wonderful. We all agree Heathrow could learn a thing or two!

We take off, climb above the clouds, we're offered a coffee or soft drink, the plane descend, and we land at Cuenca just 43 minutes later! It´s quite fun landing at Cuenca. The airport runway is quite narrow so as you land you can see quite clearly into the adjacent houses and buildings. There is washing on the line in the back yards and there seems to be a football pitch within 10 feet of the runway! Anyway we are here safely and all our luggage arrives too. Our new coach transport is waiting for us and we soon arrive at the El Dorado Hotel for our 4 night stay. The hotel is right in the heart of the city, just one block from the main square, so everyone is soon out and about exploring.