Wet and Windy!

Added 26 May 2014

Around 8am we arrive in the small town of Grundafjordur, a growing community on the Bredafjord about midpoint on the Snaefellsness Peninsula. Fishing is the chief industry here, with over half of the town’s population employed in this sector. We have all opted for the morning excursion which takes us along the peninsula via the small villages of Rif and Hellissandur to the western edge. The landscape is characterised by sandy beaches, a rocky shoreline and jagged mountains, and, today, by rain and a strong wind! At Djupalonssandur we walk down to the shore and literally get blown back up the path! At Arnarstapi we take a cliff walk from the harbour along past some bird colonies and dramatic rocky cliffs.

This afternoon we reach Stykkisholmur, another small town making its living from fishing and, increasingly, from tourism. We have arranged a private guide, a local lady called Dagbort, who kindly tells us about the history of the town and escorts our walk up to a viewpoint from the old library building. The library now houses an artistic exhibition of water. There are floor to ceiling clear plastic tubes about one foot wide and each holds water from a different place in Iceland. There are approximately 15 columns of water and you look through them and out through the building windows to see the views of houses, the harbour and the mountains beyond. The images distort and create a strange impression. This develops into guests standing behind the columns and looking very strange too! On route back to our ship we visit the local craft and gift shop near the harbour. Apparently this shop was the setting for scene in the recent film, “The Curious Life of Walter Mitty” which was filmed in the area.