We've arrived!

Added 17 May 2012

We benefitted from a less than busy M25 on route from our Kent office to Heathrow, so were ready to check in before the check in was ready. Everyone was nice and early in fact. After security checks we took the long walk to the South African Airways departure gate. It is usually the furthest gate! At one point you see the aircraft out of the terminal windows but it takes another 15 minutes before we arrive! Once on board, the flight was comfortable, the pilot positively jovial, and the crew attentive. The aircraft was quick too, we arrived in Johannesburg almost 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Here we connected to our short hop flight to Windhoek, capital of Namibia. More refreshments and food were served during that flight too! The air crew were again very happy people although they apologised for not having the Namibian immigration forms to hand out. Our guests didn't need to worry of course as we had already supplied them! This avoided completing the form in the airport immigration hall so we were first in the queue. The queue, however, moved very slowly, especially when Richard got to the desk. He is asked why he is back in Namibia so soon? He explains he is a tour operator looking after another holiday group from the UK and points out the special multiple entry work visa in his passport obtained from the Namibian Embassy in London for the purpose. The immigration officer didn't seem to like the answer so she asked the same question again. Richard replied, offering exactly the same information in a slightly different order. The immigration office still didn't seemed impressed. Two more question and answer sessions followed after which the passport was somewhat begrudgingly stamped and Richard was allowed in. Thereafter all guests sailed through the process without many questions, albeit quite slowly. Dawn is last in the queue and may have the same immigration problem. Richard thinks she may be arrested for visiting Namibia again so soon. Although concerned he also begins to calculate how much he would save if she is shipped home. As it happens she is simply asked if she is a tour operator? She answers yes. Her passport is stamped and she is politely welcomed to Namibia!

Our local coach driver Bruce, and guide Uanee are waiting at the airport to greet us. We're soon on board and heading into town. After a short introduction to the town centre we drive to our hotel, the Windhoek Country Club Resort. This comfortable full service hotel is on the outskirts of the city and perfect for a good nights sleep after a long travel day. After settling in, guests take a well earned rest before a comprehensive dinner buffet and an early night.