Wildlife Harbour Cruise

Added 21 May 2012
This morning we wake up at the Hansa Hotel in Swakopmund and head down to breakfast. Followers of this blog may recall a previous entry about the breakfast restaurant here. The setting is wonderful and the food lovely too, but sometimes the speed of service for the hot orders has not been, well, speedy. You help yourself to fruit juice, yoghurts, cereals, cold meats and cheese, fruit, a selection of breads and pastries, marmalades and jams - including delicious Youngberry jam! There are little pots of butter on the tables, individual tea pots, sugar bowls and more. It's a bygone era and very nice too. And, this morning, we are pleased to report the hot dishes also arrive perfectly to order and with plenty of time to spare! Around 8am we depart the Hansa and drive along the coast to Walvis Bay. We pass the commercial bird platform again and our guide reminds us that bird guano is collected here twice a year and used in the production of fertilizer and cosmetics, notably lip stick. Lovely, thank you for that information Uanee. Arriving at Walvis Bay we join our privately chartered catamaran for a wildlife harbour cruise. Captain Fred is in charge again with owner Marko guiding us on this occasion. We're lucky with the weather. The water is flat calm and the temperature nice and warm throughout. Having recommended everyone to wear plenty of layers and bring extra clothes, there is a mass undress once on board as we're all too hot! We're also lucky with the wildlife. Various sea lions visit (on board ship!), there's plenty of pelican and cormorant activity, and we see a Southern Skua too. We're then very fortunate to be joined by a number of dolphins who bow ride before showing off by jumping high out of the water. As if it couldn't get any better, refreshments are then served:- a wonderful selection including fresh oysters and bubbly! Needless to say it was a noisy coach drive back home. One of the benefits of offering bubbly, thinks Richard, is to ensure the ladies (especially Dawn) are so merry they won't manage to shop in Swakopmund this afternoon. Sadly his plan is an utter failure. PS: Here's a message for Bill and Stanley Munro, aged 6 and nearly 2, who follow their Grandma's travels on the Furlongs blog: Yesterday she flew over the Namib desert in a small aeroplane and today she went on a boat! There's such a lot to tell you when she sees you!