Learning about AfriCat

Added 30 May 2012

A late start this morning, well 7.30am anyway. After tea and coffee we join Okonjima's guides and local Bushmen on an informative walk to learn about how San Bushmen survived using materials from nature, such as tortoise shells for bowls, and the fibres inside mother-in-law's tongue to make strong twine. We see fire making using a White-browed Sparrow-Weaver's nest as tinder, and an example of a porcupine trap. The Bushmen only killed enough to eat, and always explained to the animals why they had to kill them. They would release any excess catch if they had eaten well. After the Bushmen Walk we returned to the lodge for brunch and quite a few of us select the Bushmen Omelette - which is basically a two egg omelette containing a full English breakfast! Filling to say the least. After siesta we're back on board our 4WD's for the transfer to the AfriCat offices and clinic. Here we learn about The AfriCat Foundation and it's commitment to the long-term conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores. AfriCat works with commercial farmers, local communities, communal conservancies and the youth of Namibia, supporting environmental education, rehabilitation and welfare programmes, providing solutions to human-wildlife conflict issues and conducting constructive wildlife research. After an informative visit we're able to see yet more Cheetahs up close, and also some Caracals. The digital camera cards take another hammering! To round off our time at Okonjima, Richard and Dawn have arranged a secret sundowner location and we walk to a small lake that just happens to have a nice table set up with bubbly. We chat, drink and watch the sun go down.