Wilhelmina Bay

This morning we are cruising in Wilhelmina Bay. Whilst we are enjoying a leisurely breakfast we spot our first humpback whales. We're soon out on deck to watch them feeding and to enjoy the dramatic scenery. Wilhelmina Bay is surrounded by mountains and glaciers, the sun is shining and the views are tremendous. The bay was to be Shackleton’s final destination as he anticipated he would find whalers here and secure a rescue for him and his men but he never made it.

As the morning progresses we are treated to something very special. Several humpback whales start breaching. Few have seen this close up, and the crew, expedition team, and all the guests are very happy! Some video footage is successful, and some are even lucky enough to capture the action on still cameras - although guessing exactly where the whale is going to appear next is tricky!

This afternoon we land on Neko Harbour at Andvord Bay. This is one of the few places we can land and come ashore on the Antarctic Mainland. For those counting the number of continents they've visited, this is important! Many of us hike up the hill to get a great view of Andvord Bay and on the way we are accompanied by some of the Gentoo Penguins who have made this their nesting site.

Some of the guests have opted to kayak and join extended scenic cruising and some see Minke whales as well as seals and penguins and of course .... plenty of icebergs and sea ice.