Friday check-in at Heathrow, a Bank Holiday weekend, and M25 chaos! Everyone had set off early but unfortunately some folk got caught up in servious traffic jams approaching Heathrow. Fortunately our mobile telephone service came in handy and Richard was able to direct a taxi driver off the M25 and via a little-known back route around the airport to ensure our last two guests made it to check-in just on time! Dawn and Richard had already prepared all the boarding cards and luggage receipts so it was pretty stress-free for everyone.

Our flight was about 45 minutes late taking off but the pilot made up time heading down to Johannesburg. We transitted between terminals in Johannesburg and were soon back in the air, heading for Windhoek, Namibia's capital city. This flight took off pretty much on time and we actually landed into Windhoek 15 minutes ahead of schedule. We breezed through immigration control (partly because we had arranged immigration forms in advance!), and were soon collecting our luggage from the bag carousel. Richard negotiated with a nice young lady at airport security and we were allowed to exit avoiding the normal luggage scanning belt which saved a lot of effort. Even Dawn's bags evaded the scanner this time!

Outside the arrivals hall we walked the short distance to meet our private coach transport. Our coach driver is called August, and our local guide is called Uanee. They are nowhere to be seen, but there's nothing to worry about. Richard explains they have been held up at the local police check-point and will be arriving soon. And they do! Luggage is loaded, we all jump on board, and head to the city.

We are staying overnight at the Windhoek Country Club Resort, and the local team has kindly prepared all our rooms in advance, even though we are arriving well ahead of official check-in time. Time to settle in and enjoy a well-earned rest. This evening we gathered for a welcome meeting and enjoyed a wonderful buffet dinner in the hotel's Kokerboom Restaurant. Plenty of tasty South African Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc was consumed during the evening too!