Yangon Free Day

A free day! Many guests decide to enjoy an early breakfast and head off on Yangon's circular train trip. There's a short and a long train trip, and both give a window on the daily routine of the local people heading into and out of downtown Yangon. The train carriages rock and roll on the narrow gauge track, as you slowly make your way along the 45.9 kms route, via 39 stations which form a loop around the city. Stopping at every station for only a minute or two, people clamber on with only seconds to spare, lugging on more belongings than you can squeeze into an average sized car boot. Fruit and vegetables, bread, huge bags of plastic bottles for recycling, building materials, newspapers, lunch. You name it, it's on board. This is real life, close up and personal!

Some other guests enjoyed visits to the nearby Sule Pagoda, to the zoological park, and to the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Some walked around the colonial area near the waterfront, and quite a few enjoyed a drink in the famous Strand Hotel. At least one person (who shall remain nameless) enjoyed a pedicure!

We swopped stories at dinner, while we enjoyed another huge buffet in the Sule Café. A local group were enjoying a birthday dinner, so we all joined in singing Happy Birthday. The group turned out to be travel agents, two of whom Richard had met on his original recce trip to Myanmar, so there was time to catch up and enjoy a piece of birthday cake too!

Photo Circular Train Yangon © Ewen Cameron