Yankee Harbour

This morning we are landing at Yankee Harbour on Greenwich Island, which is home to a small Gentoo penguin colony. Unusually for Antarctica, it is raining! Not heavy rain and certainly not enough to put us off, but it's a first for the Furlongs team. During the Polar Circkel transfers from ship to shore, some are lucky to see a leopard seal close to the boat. A few are even luckier in seeing the leopard seal catch a penguin. On the beach we see plenty of Gentoos and some elephant seal pups. We say pups - they are young but huge. There are 4 or 5 of them in a row, like giant sausages lined up. As the landing continues, chunks of ice blow into our landing site making it ever more difficult for our tender boats and the expedition staff, who stand in the water to guide and greet us!

This afternoon we sail towards Deception Island which is a huge volcano. A short section of the caldera wall has collapsed and water has filled the volcano crater. Our experienced captain carefully sails through the 200 metres wide gap, known as Neptune’s Bellows. There is a sunken rock in the middle of the entrance which means safe navigation in and out of the entrance is tricky.

Once inside, we head to Telefon Point for our afternoon landing. On route we have a surprise rendezvous with another Hurtigruten ship, MS MIDNATSOL. This ship is visiting the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula so we take time to say hello, and exchange a few supplies.

Our landing at Telefon Point is sheltered and we're able to take a walk across a cinder covered volcanic crater, along a gently sloping cliff. There is also the option to continue uphill on a circular route. This is more windy. In fact, we nearly get blown off the island at one point. Back at the landing site, some of our guests are brave enough to take a dip in the Antarctic Ocean. Chilly, but certainly something to brag about once you get home!