Today we discovered more about Puno and it’s history. Our first visit was to a steamship called Yavari. Built in 1861, the ship has connections with the UK, which made this visit all the more special both for us and the local staff. As Lake Titicaca sits on the border of Bolivia and Peru, the threat of war in 1860 meant that Peru required gun boats for the lake. It was decided to commission Great Britain to build two ships, the ships, the Yavari and the Yapura, to be constructed in England, before being deconstructed and shipped in parts to Lake Titicaca, where they were reconstructed. By the 1900’s there was no use for the Yavari, either as a gun boat or a means of transportation so she fell into disrepair. In the 1980’s she was rediscovered and began to be restored, and she now sits proudly on Lake Titicaca. We enjoyed an informative tour, including visits to the open decks, cabins and engine room.

The nearby artisan market also proved popular, before we transferred to the town’s main square for some free time. Richard, Dawn and Eilidh ran off to the local supermarket to buy some provisions for picnic lunches tomorrow ... and came back laden with goodies.

A nice buffet dinner in our private banquet room at the hotel concluded the day’s activities.