Yet more elephants!

Added 22 Jun 2014

Uanee is up early again this morning. We breakfast in the Fort and join him aboard our private transport for a morning game drive starting at 6.45am. First stop is Chudop waterhole just south of Namutoni before heading north via Klein Okevi and Groot Okevi to Tsumcor. We continue via the aptly named Stinkwater waterhole and cross the Andoni Plains which is near the northern border of Etosha. On route we skirt the edge of the dry Etosha Pan. We also pass Fischer’s Pan which does have water and also numerous Lesser Flamingos. Uanee does his usual and provides a nearly five hour tour instead of the scheduled three hour one! We do have a comfort stop half-way in a fenced toilet facility. Richard and Dawn are on hand with interval biscuits.

After a siesta back at Namutoni Fort an afternoon drive is escorted by Uanee and Dawn while Richard does some office work and checks the evening arrangements. Apparently the afternoon drive delivers big time! The highlight is the arrival of over 30 elephants at a waterhole. Elephants of all ages and they spend plenty of time drinking and socialising. Everyone comes back very happy.

This evening we enjoy a private BBQ in Namutoni’s bush bar. The chef cooks us excellent fayre and somehow we get through 19 bottles of wine and assorted other drinks. It is a merry night and we end up sat around the camp fire singing ye olde folk songs and the Wurzel’s hit “I’ve got a brand new combine harvester”. Mostly out of tune and out of sync. You had to be there to experience it.